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Wheelchair Friendly Summer Activities

Being active outside is essential for our mental and physical well-being. However, it can be difficult to find suitable summer activities for wheelchair users. 

Common obstacles include accessibility and safety, finding adaptive equipment, and financial barriers. But here are a few ways to eliminate these hurdles so you and yours can get outside for an active and inclusive summer.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a wonderful experience that provides freedom of movement with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors from a completely different perspective.

For some conditions, horseback riding is excellent therapy and is favored by many physicians as a way of strengthening the core and improving balance.

Many groups will have accessible parking and a ramp or platform to help wheelchair users mount safely. Some may also provide hoists for lifting on and off the horses.

Wheelchair Accessible Trails

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Accessible hiking trails are defined as those which allow people of any age or physical condition to enjoy outdoor time and great scenery.

This includes people who:

  • use wheelchairs
  • use strollers for transporting small children
  • are rehabilitating after an injury or surgery
  • want to slowly improve physical fitness levels
  • have physical limitations due to aging, pregnancy, or diagnosed medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis or chronic fatigue syndrome

The Americans With Disabilities Act ensures that public accommodations are made to provide outdoor access for everyone on newly built hiking trails.

A visit to your local state park’s website resource center should produce which trails are appropriate to traverse in a wheelchair for a more accessible summer activity.

Wheelchair Accessible Sports

Whether you are an athlete or not, exercise is essential to your health and well-being. Luckily, there are a number of global organizations dedicated to furthering wheelchair sports activities.

People with varying levels of physical ability can still participate in sports whether it is competitive or just for fun. There are many sports that have been adapted for wheelchair users to be able to play and even train as professional athletes if they choose to.

A few particularly fun summer accessible sports include paddle boarding, tennis, fishing, boating, and exploring the coast in specially designed beach wheelchairs.

Contact your local accessibility advocate or resource center for further information on specialty programs for those with a disability and access to equipment made to accommodate a variety of wheelchair sports.

Indoor Activities for Wheelchair Users

Board Games

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Wheelchair summer activities on especially hot days can be enjoyed inside, too! Both kids and adults with limited mobility can enjoy board games and card games as a way to socialize and showcase their problem-solving skills.

There are several games to choose from, so try a couple to find out which games the group enjoys the most. For the wheelchair-user who would prefer to play solo, there are plenty of options available to them, too – like video games or brain teasers!

Art Classes

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Art has numerous benefits for the artist. An art class is a fun way to get the creative juices flowing, or create something new on your own.

Creating art improves cognitive functions, improves self-esteem, and makes people happier. Art is easily fully wheelchair accessible, too!

Find a comfortable space inside or take advantage of a shady spot at one of your favorite local parks. Then, use paints, markers, crayons, and anything material your heart desires to make your masterpiece.

An Accessible Gym

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Summer activities and sports don’t need to be limited to the outdoors with a fully accessible gym!

Thankfully, people have taken the time and effort to put tools and programs together that enable anyone with a wheelchair to regularly exercise.

Facilities specifically designed for wheelchair users help remove personal and social barriers so they can freely take part in physical activities.

The most cost-efficient step is finding an accessible gym that caters to your goals and lifestyle. Each state has a growing number of adaptive recreational and fitness facilities that are inclusive of people with disabilities.

For starters, look for gyms that meet ADA requirements for sports facilities. But the best fitness centers go above ADA requirements to accommodate the needs of gym members with disabilities.

This means the facility is designed with disabled gym members in mind. This could include anything from special exercise equipment to more accessible elevator buttons for people in wheelchairs.

 Make the most of Summer with Redman Power Chair

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Summer is a time to have fun, and a wheelchair shouldn’t stand in the way! These ideas should make it easy for wheelchair users to make the most of their summer.

For greater mobility, consider a Redman Power chair and open up your summer to even more possibilities!

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