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How Technology Helps People With Disabilities Find a Great Job

It isn’t always easy for workers to find jobs right for them. If you are living with disabilities, the job search can be even more challenging. However, you can use technology to your advantage while looking for employment.

Preparing for the Job Search

Your resume and LinkedIn page are vital components of your job search. They’re often part of an employer’s first impression of you, encouraging them to learn more about your expertise and skills.

Because your resume and LinkedIn page are so important, be sure they’re both polished. Use them to highlight your skills and accomplishments thoroughly and concisely. Use a high-quality photo on your LinkedIn page and clarify your talents.

LinkedIn can work well for you if you give it your best effort. Make connections with relevant people to grow your network. Opting for the premium version lets you directly message contacts and see who reads your profile page.

To help you find employment, make your resume look professional and keep it updated. Include your latest experience, achievements, and skills. A PDF editor enables you to make changes if you have your resume in PDF form. You can upload the file online to make revisions, then download it again and share it with your contacts. Here’s a guide on how to edit a PDF.

Taking Advantage of Assistive Technology

Research indicates that 16.6 million Americans use assistive technology, aids, or special equipment. There are more options than ever to take advantage of the latest AT to help you in your work.

Assistive technology includes:

You can work with your healthcare professional to create an accommodation request for your employer. It is a good idea to do this in writing so that you can keep a copy for your records. Your letter should:

  • Identify you as a person with a disability
  • Request accommodations under the ADA
  • List your problematic tasks
  • Include your accommodation ideas
  • Request the employer’s suggestions
  • Contain medical documentation, if applicable

You should also ask the employer for a response within a reasonable time frame.

Obtaining an Education Remotely

Distance learning can be an excellent opportunity if you’re interested in gaining new skills to help your job search. Many students take advantage of it; research shows that more than 30 percent of higher-education students take at least one remote course.

Distance learning has many advantages for people with disabilities. You can study from anywhere, using a setup that works for you without worrying about classroom accommodations. It’s flexible so you can work around medical appointments and other obligations. Remote learning lets you customize your experience by choosing various topics and courses.

Home Business Opportunities

If you prefer to start your own business rather than work for someone else, you can do so from the comfort of your home office. A home-based business offers the best of all worlds: you can set up your workspace to fit your needs, work flexible hours, and be your own boss.

Some ideas to consider include:

  • Consulting: Use your expertise to advise businesses and individuals.
  • E-commerce: Develop a product or service and market it online.
  • Social media marketing: Generate business for companies through ads on social media.
  • Freelancing: Use your skills as a freelance writer, designer, bookkeeper, data entry specialist, etc.

Technology helps people with disabilities live better at home and in the workplace. Be sure you use it to its fullest potential during your job search.

– Many thanks to Sharon Wagner of Senior Friendly for this article!

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