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How Does Emotional Wellness Affect You?

October is Emotional Wellness Month! Focusing on our emotional wellness means disconnecting and taking time out for our brains. Maintaining a healthy emotional balance helps us make healthy choices, have good relationships, and achieve our goals.

What is Emotional Health?

Emotional health is one aspect of mental health. You can cope with positive and negative emotions, including your awareness. Poor emotional health can lead to various mental and physical health issues.

Alternatively, emotional well-being allows individuals to have suitable coping mechanisms for complex emotions, including knowing when to reach out to a mental health professional for help.

Mental vs Emotional Health

As mentioned above, emotional health is one aspect of overall mental wellness. Your mental, emotional and physical health work together to manage stress, provide quality sleep, facilitate positive emotions, and ward off physical illness.

Mental Health

mental health

Mental health deals with behaviors that relate to the mind or brain. Psychological issues can develop for various reasons and often deal with an imbalance of brain chemicals.

This imbalance may or may not result from adverse life experiences and can be experienced in conjunction with or separate from emotional health issues. Support for overall mental health may include therapy, medication, or a combination.

Emotional Wellness

emotional health

Compared to mental health, emotional wellness often results directly from adverse life experiences that affect your emotional well-being. Even those who consider themselves otherwise emotionally healthy may find their well-being challenged in the face of a traumatic event or loss.

Loss can manifest in many ways. It may include the death of a loved one, loss of identity or plans for oneself, loss of physical capabilities due to illness or injury, and more. Support for emotional health can take the form of trusted friendships, a grief support group, and participating in self-care activities that promote mindfulness, gratitude, and joy.

Physical Health

physical health

As with anything in the health and wellness space, it’s all connected. Many people recognize the connection between physical and mental health but may not realize that emotional wellness also affects physical health.

As with mental health, you can support your emotional health by getting enough sleep, eating right, and finding an exercise routine that helps you to manage emotional distress, avoid chronic stress, and boost your immune system.

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of a Redman Power Chair

emotionally happy woman on a wheelchair

Life in a wheelchair comes with its own set of emotional, mental, and physical challenges. With a Redman Power Chair, users can better participate in the world the way they want with improved mobility, usability, and connection.

The Redman Chief 107-ZRx moves intrinsically to mimic your body and offers unique positions – Yoga, Stand & Stretch, Tilt in Space – that no other chair offers.

The Redman Power Chair is the only mid-wheel standing chair that elevates, tilts, stands, and reclines using an exclusive counterbalancing system.

With over 35 years of technological advancements – including multiple proprietary and patented designs – our custom-tailored wheelchair allows uncompromised mobility and accessibility to interact more fully with the world around you.

We invite you to continue exploring our website to learn more.

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