parenting from a wheelchair

Parenting From a Wheelchair

There is no shortage of parenting journey advice online. From “mommy bloggers” to official government guidelines, in most cases, if you have a question about parenting, someone else has had the same question before and fellow parents have already jumped at the chance to share their solutions in online forums.

But what about parenting from a wheelchair? Most advice columns don’t consider advice specifically for operating from a chair, which is why today we are sharing our top tips for child rearing while wheeling. (Hey, we can even rhyme too!;)

Find the right equipment for Parenting Wheelchair Users

Did you know there are car seats made to swivel in order to make transferring your child in and out of the car easier from your chair?

There are even options for a wheelchair-friendly changing table and strollers for small children made to be an extension of your chair. It may take a bit more searching, but there are many products available made specifically for parents with limited mobility.

Take the time to find the one that’s right for you and you’ll save plenty of time and hassle in the long run!


Especially if you have a newborn on your hands, baby slings will be your best friend. This way, you can operate hands-free and keep your child securely on your lap or chest.

There are baby carriers made specifically for this, but it could be as simple as keeping a long scarf handy to sling around you and baby.

Plan Ahead when Parenting From A Wheelchair

mother on a wheelchair with her baby

As your child grows, it’s important to ensure their play spaces will be safe and easily accessible for you.

Installing baby gates that allow your chair to pass through is a must, and many playpens designed to create a safe play area include zipper sections on the side so you’re not needing to load from a standing position.

As your child grows, you may have difficulty finding the best route. Most schools have some level of accessibility, but as any wheelchair user knows, some are better than others. Taking the time to find wheelchair-friendly schools and daycares may not make you the perfect parent, but it will make your parenting journey much more relaxed and enjoyable!

Check Out a Local Parenting Group

Which local parks have the best access? What have other wheelchair-bound parents learned as their little one grows? And who else in your area is in the same situation as you?

Many local parenting groups can be found online and can help to answer these questions, plus provide the much-needed community that every new parent needs!

Helpful Advice when Parenting From a Wheelchair

redman power wheelchair

Regardless of mobility, many parents questions themselves, worry they’re not doing things right, and lose sleep over how to be the best parent for their child. It’s natural to have negative feelings about the unknown but know that these thoughts are normal. If you’re trying your best and showing love to your child, you’re giving them everything they need.

At Redman Power Chair, we want to give you every opportunity to participate in your child’s life. Our standing power chair takes wheelchair mobility to the next level and ensures you’re comfortable every step along the way with a custom fit.

While we may not be able to answer all of your parenting questions, one thing we’re sure of is that Redman Power Chairs are made with your family’s best interests in mind.

Parenting From a Wheelchair is easier with a Redman Power Chair. Continue exploring our website to learn more and get started finding your perfect fit today.

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